What is Leeds United Americas (LUA)?

LUA is an organization that was formed with the primary intention of bringing Leeds fans, that live in the Americas, together. It was established in 1992 as the Chicago branch and in 1993 merged with the New York branch to form the USA branch. In 1995 with increased interest from Leeds fans in Canada the branch became the North American (LUSCNA). We stayed as LUSCNA for fourteen years until 2009 when we increased our member demographic to encompass South Americas and the Caribbean.

Is LUA affiliated with LUFC or any other body?

No, we’re completely independent and we love it that way. We used to be, up until 2009, when we were an official branch of the Leeds United Supporters Club.

Does LUA arrange tickets for games? Do members regularly attend games?

Many branch members travel back several times every season to watch Leeds.  We have both home and away season tickets for use by members attending home games and often organizes in excess of 10 tickets for matches at Elland Road. Over the past 20 years, we have supplied over 2,500 tickets for our members.

Some of our members travel back several times per season.

Do I have to be member to get tickets?

Yes. But if you are traveling back to the UK for a game and need tickets for family and friends too, we can usually accomodate your request.

Where are LUA members originally from?

Lots of people assume that there are either no Americans in the club or that is comprised solely of Americans.  In 2003, we did a breakdown of membership by area of origin. The breakdown of membership based on birthplace is as follows:

    • 21% of members are from Leeds
    • 10% are from Harrogate!
    • 16% of members are from other areas of Yorkshire
    • 22% are from other areas of the UK
    • 22% are from the USA
    • 5% are from Ireland
    • 4% are from the rest of the world (inc. Nigeria, Norway, Canada,Lebanon and Malaysia).
    • 91% of members are aged between 25-49, with 3% aged under 25 and 6% aged over 50.

Source: LUSCNA Member Survey 2003